Saturday, September 1

Hello There!

Meet Sarah: a French-speaking, tea-loving, book-obsessed university student, living large on a small student budget and an overflow of Nutella. I enjoy bicycling, playing piano, and eating watermelon, and have been known to play an intense game of Scrabble when provoked. Chalkboards, Chapters & Chai is my first blog, and I'll be using it to share my experiences this year, as I rough it out in the wild world of university. Anyone is welcome to follow along, but please be advised: readers may be subjected to heavy doses of sarcasm, as well as an obsession with historical YA novels. Viewer discretion is advised.
(not really.)


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  2. Readers will be subjected to heavy dose of sarcasm. LOL.

  3. I'm excited to hear more! An overflow of KD sounds fantastic.

  4. Sarcasm! Yay I love it already! Love your header by the way! :) xx