Thursday, February 13

Happy Singles' Awareness Day

I could write a cute little intro to joke about my perpetual singledom on this day of love, but I'm too tired/bored/boring/over it, and I'm just killing time on a redeye Greyhound. Here's some anti-Valentine's day anthems.

Kacey Musgraves - Merry Go 'Round
99 times of 100 I don't like contemporary country. This is one of those gems I can't get enough of.

Death Cab For Cutie - Your New Twin Sized Bed

John Newman - Cheating

Feeling like something more lovey-dovey? Here's a couple alternatives.

Tegan and Sara - Don't Find Another Love
This came out last week. It's kinda cute. Whatever.

NONONO - Pumpin' Blood
This has been on repeat for the past half hour. I'm in love - it's too damn catchy.

Happy Valentine's Day, and good luck on any remaining midterms/assignments! :)


  1. Awesome songs, Sarah! :D

    Welcome back; I've really missed your posts. (I've been slacking off as well...)

  2. Thanks! Hope your exams are going well :) When do you finish?