Monday, May 13

Unwanted Books

So I enjoy making occasional trips to Value Village to browse through their used book section, and usually I can find a good deal or two. They've got plenty of books, and they're always at great prices. However, I've started to notice that there are certain books that show up on their shelves much more often than others. In honour of these unwanted books, I've decided to compile a list of books that no one wants to keep.

Exhibit A) Books That No One Will Ever Need

The Complete Introduction to the Royal Wedding (circa 1981)
Featuring 34 full-colour photos of an arranged marriage that would fall apart in less than 10 years!
Get your copy today!

Sex and the City: The Movie
This is a 160-page movie companion edition with full-colour photos and behind-the-scenes shooting stories from Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. And it retails from $49.86 to $121.73 on Amazon.  I kid you not.

Exhibit B) Books By Authors Who Shouldn't Be Authors

Anything by Dr. Phil
Please stop writing.
While I was taking this picture, I asked my mother about the diet book by Dr. Phil that is currently sitting on her bookshelf. 
Her reply: "Yes, it was actually quite good. It was written by a dietician, so it had some great information."
In other words, the best thing about her Dr. Phil book was that it wasn't written by Dr. Phil. 

Exhibit C) Best-Selling Books That No One Needs Written by Authors Who Shouldn't Be Authors

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer and Random Teen Vampire Series by A. Golddigger
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and the Fifty Shades series by E. L. James
There were more doubles from these books than any other book in the fiction section. 
'nuff said.

Song recommendations of the week: Impossible and Tonight I Have To Leave It by Shout Out Louds - I love listening to their 2007 album Our Ill Wills in the summer, since it's got some great rhythms. 

Have a great week!


  1. lol love this post. However, eat pray love was a good movie...actually on my to read list :P... maybe it will turn into one of those books I don't admit I've read (aka Twilight).

  2. LOL. Great post. Those Dr. Phil books amuses me. I'm not surprise any of these books are in deserted.


  4. Honey, you should've bought me all those. You know I love my vampire, abusive arranged marriage....with a doctor!!!!